Description: an upbeat and melodic song of determination.

Description: questioning in a moment of uncertainty, a simple song.

Description: melodic and sad lament for America.

Description: mourning and loss, remembrance of a tough and sad summer of pain.

Description: knowing of impending doom, preparing for the emotional loss.

Description: A determination to live each day to its fullest.

Description: Elements of jazz and pop that present a cold and icy feel.

Description: A slow gallop of melancholy melody using tremolo guitar and Vangelis-esque synth.

Description: Sounds like sophistication and good times. Features percussion, percussive bell sounds and stylish horns.

Description: This track moves and builds from its simple beginning, adding hammered dulcimer and electric guitar to the acoustic and fretless bass. There is a melancholy lilt to the music.

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