Description: Calm positive pop music with a soft relaxed steady beat, playful guitar, bass, and uplifting strings in medium tempo. The song starts with an emotional acoustic guitar and bass. The bow guitar starts to play after the intro to set the emotional dreamy feeling. There's an electric guitar playing some nice smooth groovy elements in the background. In about 1:39 the inspiring strings lift the track. Calm Positive Pop suites projects like positive corporate progress, beautiful romantic evening, walking in sunset, happy friendship, business marketing, confidence achievement, successful journey, soothing background music, beautiful positive presentation, slideshow, holiday memories, motivational bright future, hopeful corporate vision, optimistic applications were you want a laid back positive feeling good track with a relaxed soothing pop beat. beautiful, background, bright, confident, pop business, commercial, elegant, corporate, dreamy, optimistic, pop, driving, drums, easy, emotional, pop guitar, happy, inspiring, hope, hopeful, laid back, pop motivational, proud, relaxed, soft, pop success, successful, calm, pop cool, groovy, positive,reflective, romantic, searching, pop soothing, wholesome, pop smooth, sweet, uplifting, pop medium tempo

Description: Perfect for TV, this dramatic piano & string composition Sounds a little like Adele's Rolling In The Deep performed in an orchestrative organic style. Conveying positivity & innovation, emotion & happiness, confidence & purpose, it works beautifully as a voiceover bed for commercials & infomercials. Instrumental.

Description: Layback tempo song from my album Movin' Pata

Description: acoustic guitar driven pop ballad with strings guitars a techno dance bridge.

Description: flowing, driving piano instrumental that builds in energy with the entrance of acoustic drums. especially suitable for ~30 second titles, introductions, and spots.

Description: Pop track in style of Jason Mraz I'm yours. The instrumental version of "It's good to see ya" Soulful and positive cool vibe. Upbeat groovy and contemporary. A happy melody you'll be humming all day long. Awesome, bright, happy, relaxed, peaceful, Longing, Reflective, Emotional, Atmospheric, Nostalgic, relaxing, tender, warm, Background, beautiful, romantic, sensual, calming, sincere, easy, elegant, inspirational, motivating, Tender, cool, Vibrant, Sweet, Hopeful, positive, inspiring, motivational, moving, Appealing, dreamy, Soothing, plain, laidback, heart, romance, soundtrack, underscore, pop, nice, jason mraz, advertisement, corporate, commercials, presentation, promotion

Description: If you need an energetic sports-related theme you've found it! This piece is already used by one high school as a lead-in for player introductions. It's a smooth classy piece if you're looking to get out of the rap/hip-hop genre at sporting events.

Description: light ,positive theme with acoustic guitars.

Description: positive,warm melodic underscore with acoustic guitar & acoustic piano.

Description: A Maroon 5 type of song. Great male vocals, sensitive and sweet. Upbeat, loving and a bit flirtatious. Dreamy, hopeful -- all about loving an upbeat, intelligent, logical gal with a heart of gold, who loves him back. Romantic comedy. Positive, sunny and happy tune with good rhythms. radio, top40, pop, Sensual, Independent, flirtatious, Loving, Beautiful, Sunny, Happy, Woman, Passionate, Careful, Love, Pop, Maroon5, Boy Meets Girl, Rhythmic, romance, romantic, gal, rock, sexy, together, up-positive, hopeful, inspirational, joyful, sweet, sincere, cheerful/happy, driving, hot, girl, advertisement, corporate, commercials, presentation, promotion, motivating, Motivational, Uplifting, Hopeful, optimistic, positive, successful, uplifting, inspiring, Confident, achievement, male, female