Description: a positive mid-tempo 1 minute track with a strong finish.

Description: Catchy, self-assured, happy pop groove. A real foot-tapper of a bright pop underscore with a familiar retro feel. Features acoustic guitar, organ, drum kit and keyboards. Great for feel-good radio and television adverts through to documentary. Various lengths and mixes

Description: Bright, happy and catchy pop. Strong, mid-tempo and feel-good contemporary groove with an uplifting positive vibe. Features keyboards, steady strong drum kit beat, electric bass and brass punctuation stabs. Perfect for radio and television commercials, suitable for any product or service.

Description: Contemporary, driving and inspirational. In the style of many 2017 hit songs, and used to advertise quality food ranges by large food outlets, this track lends itself to a wide range of quality products from food to fashion. Features electronic marimba style sounds, chamber strings and synths 60sec and 30sec full and underscore mixes

Description: An interplay of two complimentary melodic themes with energetic bass lines, jumpy funky guitars, and warm enveloping electric piano chords for scenes of playful urban commotion, colorful, vivid city life, evocative of modern design interiors, corporate positive thinking, the world of fashion, cool looks, flashy cloths, stylish environments, showing off one's assets (an expensive car, a beautiful dress / body) publicly.

Description: A complex interplay of two contrasting melodic themes with a romantic acoustic solo guitar and a somber cello section for scenes of elegant fragility, graceful falling down and rising up, ballet-like plasticity, evocative of delicate, light, meandering movements in the air, a tree leaf dancing in the wind, a feather gliding in the air, butterflies playing in the sun.

Description: An interplay of two energetic themes with funky organs and a jazzy electric piano for scenes of calm self-confident everyday city life, colorful, diverse urban environments, evocative of style, fashion, cool retro looks, originality.

Description: An interplay of two energetic themes with funky guitars, flashy staccato bass lines, and aggressive synthesizer cords for scenes of corporate success, the new-brave-world mentality, grandiose endeavors, urban career- and pleasure-seeking, evocative of strong self-confidence, daring action, determination, power, victory, heightened self-worth, self-conscious achievement, accomplishment, merit.

Description: An interplay of two contrasting themes, one expressing insecurity and doubt, the other consolation and peace, played with vintage electric pianos and synthesizers for scenes of indecision, suspecting, evil looks, being haunted, followed, persecuted, evocative of conspiracy, unfair competition, crime, detective action with intermittent glimpses of hope and confidence to overcome the besetting troubles.

Description: A joyful and uplifting melodic theme played with a vibraphone and a vintage electric piano for the urban scenes of waking up, drinking coffee, jingling kitchen utensils, steaming the coffee maker, paying for the snacks at the restaurant, dropping coins and getting exchange, evocative of slow, sluggish, relaxed, self-satisfied beginnings of the day, happy urban life, warm cozy cafés.

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