Description: cool and easy going rhythm guitar loop

Description: Acoustic guitar with addition instruments give this colorful track a sense of optimism and fun.

Description: Love song, sad flavour, beautiful story behind this song

Description: A joyful catchy melody, played by acoustic guitar and glockenspiel over an organic acoustic background and a bouncing, clappy, light-hearted shuffle groove.This playful, optimistic tune is the perfect background instrumental for any project or presentation that needs an all through positive and happy atmosphere.

Description: The empowering carefree playful mood gives an exuberant, youthful & fearless joy. The bright rhythmic acoustic guitar is fresh, warm & lively. The driving upbeat drums are powerful, punchy & confident. The triumphant vocals are friendly & heartwarming. A celebratory lighthearted feeling of freedom.

Description: Uplifting inspirational optimistic easy pop music. Background, Promo, slide show, commercial, business corporate etc. It's emotional positive with a happy driving guitar and piano. Motivational background music, medium fast tempo. Guitar, bass and drums. Relaxed, free and easy. free, travel, Inspirational, Promo, pop Uplifting, background, bass, beat, beautiful, bright, easy, business, pop commercial, driving, drums, relaxed, easy, popemotional, feeling, groove, guitar, bright easy, happy, motivational pop nice, optimistic, piano, easy, pop, positive, simple, bright slide show, soft, uplifting, bright acoustic guitar, bass guitar, percussion, every day, fun, cheerful happy, pop groovy, inspirational, bright playful, wholesome, pop medium tempo

Description: Great ballad , lovely melody and pretty good arangement

Description: Light and Sensitive Track that features acoustic guitar and piano. Great for film, commercials, infomercials, TV or Internet.

Description: This background music instrumental is a very happy, upbeat, and fun track that features acoustic guitar, ukulele, bells, and piano. This has the sound and vibe of todays most popular TV advertising commercials. This background instrumental will go great with any TV Ad, slideshow, youtube movie or any presentation needing a happy and upbeat vibe.