Description: Indie Based Pop With an Acoustic Guitar Emphasis.

Description: An acoustic petition to a higher power. Ringing acoustic guitar rhythm track and lead acoustic guitar part, with bass and a delicate synth string pad. See also other mixes and loop form of this track.

Description: A heartwarming acoustic arrangement with organic instrumentation and a hopeful and positive feel.

Description: nice pop rock background song, also great love song

Description: Starts out with acoustic guitars and builds into a chorus with electric guitars and strings. Uplifting and motivational.

Description: cool and easy going rhythm guitar loop

Description: Acoustic guitar with addition instruments give this colorful track a sense of optimism and fun.

Description: Love song, sad flavour, beautiful story behind this song

Description: A joyful catchy melody, played by acoustic guitar and glockenspiel over an organic acoustic background and a bouncing, clappy, light-hearted shuffle groove.This playful, optimistic tune is the perfect background instrumental for any project or presentation that needs an all through positive and happy atmosphere.

Description: The empowering carefree playful mood gives an exuberant, youthful & fearless joy. The bright rhythmic acoustic guitar is fresh, warm & lively. The driving upbeat drums are powerful, punchy & confident. The triumphant vocals are friendly & heartwarming. A celebratory lighthearted feeling of freedom.