Description: If you wanna achieve something in this life – you should believe in your aims and follow your dreams! This song can inspire and persuade you, that impossible is nothing. You can go lonely road of your life, but you will see the light eventually and to realize that you can be happy and all-sufficient person. Go ahead! I want to fly Like an eagle or like a hawk. I want to find Somewhere, my own dock. I want to fly Bye-bye And never go, and never go, and never go away!

Description: In the belly of the Beast lay the secrets hidden of an abandoned city. Contemplative even haunting, this track brings pensive moods, ambivalent emotions, and internal/external conflicts to life. Inspired by life, this track will shift your paradigm & rock your world.

Description: Instrumental Version (No Lyrics): Sentimental and powerful pop instrumental ballad building to a dramatic climax. Epic, emotional and cinematic. Instrumentation features piano, bass, drums, guitars, bass guitar, percussion and strings.

Description: The agony of betrayal and the loss of innocence. Genre: ballad | Subject: Love, betrayal | Instruments: piano, strings, violin, cello, bass | Mood: beautiful, elegant, haunting, melancholy, sad

Description: A sentimental, mellow, warm glow surrounds this track featuring acoustic guitar and piano. This relaxing track is great for photo slideshows, family movies, wedding videos, commercials, or any project needing a relaxed and organic vibe.

Description: This is the cover of the famous song Sunny performed and recorded by the VS Guitar Duo on their CD "Under Cover". The Bobby Hebb's jazz standard Sunny became known in the U.S. in 1960s and 70s and later from the recording by the Caribbean ensemble Bonny M. This is why the style of this cover so eclectic, uniting the jazz, disco, and funky styles in a unique, truly Gypsy mix. This music is fiery, rhythmical, emotional, positive and can be used for movies, YouTube videos, airports, games and parties.

Description: Emotional pop track suitable for videos, web, commercials, corporate and much more.

Description: Beautiful melody, very hopeful

Description: Piano ballad with male vocals, about that special someone you just can't forget. Beautiful cello and string sections.

Description: A Pop ballad with energy. Perfect for anything needing a bump of energy. Light, Happy, Fun, Pop