Description: Uptempo, sunny, optimistic, acoustic guitar led composition. Will remind of Squeeze, Crowded House, Beatles.

Description: Reflective and sad composition, featuring keyboards and drums. Midtempo beats, but slow, unfolding melody.

Description: Midtempo, catchy tune that feels like an apology, or at least an admission of "wrong". Prominent bass line and a nice little break.

Description: Beat heavy, uptempo exuberant romp with Beatlesque lead riff.

Description: Midtempo rock/pop number with compelling riff that builds in intensity, erupting into shredding guitar solos.

Description: Perky. Surf-feel midtempo number led by the mighty Farfisa.

Description: Music in the style of pop rock, Mystical direction, used electro guitar, bass. Pianos, for voicing different ideas, inspiration, Slow paced.

Description: Instrumental Rock composition with feel of Traveling