Description: Driven and powerful electronic rock song with synths, drums, eclectic fx and cutting edge sounds. On the ambient side, works in various presentations, as credits music for movies, after fx presentations and even for listening.

Description: This is a "hopeful" sounding song starting out with the piano and tamborine. The guitar comes in next and then drums and the bass kick in. The guitar carries a catchy melody.

Description: Rock, Rock-Pop, Funk, Zany, Wild, Groovy, Happy, Expressive, Funky, Dynamic, Driving, Percussive, Atmospheric, Adventure, in a Energetic, Playful mood, featuring Bass, Drums, Guitar, Electric, Synth, with a Fast tempo

Description: the name says it all. a jangly, guitar driven, lively pop track. it feels good!.

Description: An Instrumental version of So Happy: A feel-good love song with real drums and a happy chorus.

Description: Extraordinarily upbeat retro 70's vibe as if "Have a Nice Day" actually happened once anchored by a suns.wavhine-filled rhythm bed.

Description: This is a motivational and inspirational pop rock track featuring electric guitars, organ, power drums and bass. Great for most motivational projects, corporate, sports and more.

Description: funky spicy rock with big up tempo drums,jangly clean and heavy guitars.