Description: An upbeat and energetic pop rock track, featuring all the elements of the classic British rock sound. Features driving beats, delayed guitars and harmonics. Perfect for use in corporate and commercial projects.

Description: r&b pop guitar ballad with a smooth santana like lead guitar melody.

Description: Great Day! is a positive and energetic track – The happy melodies and rock/breakbeat instrumentation makes it well suited for any website, commercial or movie scene with a positive vibe. The music encourages the listener to forget about his/her worries and just feel good. This track can be adapted to your specific project – Contact me at for more information!

Description: An energetic and driving theme with distorted guitars, a straight synth bass, hypnotic guitar pattern and hammond organ.

Description: Rock, Rock-Pop, Excited, Loose, Positive, Uplifting, in a Positive mood, featuring Drums, Electronic, Guitar, Acoustic, Electric, Synth, Bass, with a Fast tempo

Description: Rock, Rock-1960'S, Historic, Historic-1960'S, Fun, Oldies, Funky, Bouncy, Feel Good, Happy, in a Adventurous, Confident, Fun, Happy mood, featuring Drums, Synth, Bass, Guitar, Electric, with a Fast tempo

Description: Upbeat and driving. Warm acoustic guitars and harmonic electric instrumentation in the aims of The Cure’s “Just like Heaven”. Emotional composed ending. Great for commercials and youth-dramas.

Description: Fast tempo Rock/Pop with acoustic and electric guitar mix.

Description: a soft rock departure from the hectic world around us featuring electric piano, electric bass, guitar and drums.