Description: Alternate version of ww200005 on solo electric piano.

Description: Fast, upfront pop rock commercial. Forward motion at high speed with a real driving rhythm. Striving to be first, the best, ahead of the game. Rhythmic piano sets the pace, gradually building with drums, bass guitar and electric rock guitar picking. Great for radio and TV adverts that need energy. 60sec and 30sec versions

Description: A sincere, heartfelt instrumental theme played with a piano and a flute-like synthesizer for scenes of springtime, vitality, bounty, blossoming and burgeoning nature; expressive of simplicity, happiness, pastoral joy, gratitude, blissful serenity.

Description: A tense distorted bass grinds a groove as an ambient loop create an uneasy mood

Description: A positive and energetic indie rock track featuring piano, electric guitars, bass guitar, drums and synth. You can use this track as a background in your sports videos, slideshows, TV or advert.

Description: Solid rock beat, “ZZ Top” feel with guitar power chords, bass, syncopated sequenced synthesizers and organ solo in 2nd half.

Description: electric guitars, instrumental, rock, classic rock, adventurous, bright, bouncy, cars, confident, carefree, determined, driving, energetic, excitement, excited, fun, feelgood, feeling good, good times, good mood, happy, joyful, lively, motivational, motivated, optimistic, positive, playful, retro, spirited, upbeat, uplifting, inspiring, inspirational, rhythmic, sunny, free, freedom, partying, road trip, travel, road cruising, lifestyle, reality tv, commercial, corporate

Description: Relaxing, light rock track with piano, guitar, drums and bass

Description: Acoustic style. Guitar, mandolin, drums, and bass

Description: Positive, light rock track with guitar, piano, drums and bass

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