Description: This is a 60sec version of an emotional and touching instrumental music track featuring acoustic guitars, soft drums, bass and percussion. Passionate and romantic track great for films and videos, documentaries, commercials, travel videos and much more. Uplifting and inspirational composition for your successful projects.

Description: This is a 60sec version of a motivating and uplifting background music track featuring acoustic and electric guitars, percussion, bass and upbeat drums. Positive and Optimistic composition with country and America flavours. Perfect for corporate uses, presentations, TV and radio commercials, promos, motivational videos, websites and much more. catchy music for successful projects.

Description: Positive, happy and breezy acoustic track featuring acoustic guitar, percussion, light drums and strings. Warm and sweet background music perfect for commercials, photo slideshows, presentations, promos, YouTube videos and much more. Sunny summer acoustic vibe for the success of your project.

Description: Hopeful and positive composition with a slight bit of melancholy in the beginning but evolving to the more determined, motivated and inspiring parts with rhythm guitar, piano, upbeat drums and bass. Great for films, commercials, TV, radio and web videos.

Description: A light rock track with acoustic guitars, piano and strings with a happy mood and vibe.