Description: A symphonic orchestral composition. It's very kind, positive and funny. It's like children playing funny games or some funny creatures from fairytales dancing in the forest.

Description: A lively and lovely track with bell sounds and strings. As if fairytale characters celebrate something like christmas and dance in the sunny forest. Joy and enterntainment is everywhere, friends are gathered to have a fun. A very positive and vivid melody. Prescripted for children.

Description: A kind and positive track with violins, bassoon, timpani. It portrays something joyful, careless and funny, as if children play with pets in a garden.

Description: An orchestral symphonic composition with mysterious and enigmatic mood. It portrays a portal to fabulous realms and moment of revealing of magic secrets, preparing to visit a land of dreams somewhere in other planet or even other world.

Description: A symphonic composition of typical classical style. There are string instruments (from violin to basses), woodwinds (clarinet, bass clarinet, oboe, bassoon) and harp. The mood is expressive and excited, anxious and restless. The composition portrays a decisive moment, when one has to make fateful decision and it's not much time to think.

Description: A symphonic orchestral composition. It's kind and positive, as if new year begins and children wait for their presents. It's a day when all childish dreams come true.

Description: A bright and tender orchestral composition with kind and positive mood. It reminds the pleasant times of childhood, when parents were young and loving their child.

Description: A symphonic track with some synths, containing melodies of arabian style. A mood of the composition is serious and confident, something triumphal and majestic.

Description: An orchestral track with kind and bright mood. It expresses something beautiful and happy, full of light and joy.

Description: This melody includes both volk and classical elements, with violins and other strings, clarinet, oboe, bassoon. This composition has a positive, bright mood, expressing fresh morning air in a rural area or leisure by the river, in the woods or meadow. It's like a march of the nature.

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