Description: Music Thoughts written recently and was completed by the end of 2010. Part of jazz, but mostly lyrical music. Very good fit for private listening, and for movies.

Description: This music is written on one side in the classical form, on the other hand, it is modern music. Unconventional bass guitar accompanied by a symphony orchestra and theviolin stands out party .. perfect for Media Projects and movies.

Description: Delicate, light and very romantic music. The love story of two heartscould develop an entirely different scenario. Also in this music, there is tragedy and drama, but the final good and bright. Powerfulorchestral music in a contemporary style.

Description: Powerful epic piece of music. Dramatic and solemn, perfect for gaming and movies.

Description: Dramatic intro 0:41. Motivating music. I evoked strong for some reason the myths of the sunken city of Atlantic. Hence the same name. Powerful symphonic dance music vibrant harmony.