Description: String Fun is an upbeat orchestral piece designed for PBS programming or documentaries. Also promo or branding music.

Description: A string quartet plays a relaxing musical theme suggesting contentment and hope.

Description: Epic and powerfull track. Distorted guitars and slamming drum meet the orchestra, giving rise to an operistic sound full of pathos ready for gothic/vampire/monsters/heroes envirorment

Description: Fun At The Museum is a playful string quartet performing a joyful happy go lucky music theme. Artistic music showing sophistication and swagger.

Description: Good mood, travel, sun, weekend, vacation, adventure, holiday, party, children’s birthday, fiesta, pleasure, joy, fun, go pro videos, smiles, energy is Claps and Percussion.

Description: Bouncy and free-spirited with animated elements, featuring light pizzicato strings and bells that create a jovial, youthful mood. Positive and uplifting for ad spots, video games, web presentations, children, Holiday, travel and more.

Description: Symphonic Orchestra for sport winning celebrations, highlights, olympic competitions. The mood is glorious, epic, triumphal. Building structure with strong and vigorous brass theme, lush orchestration and enthralling percussions. Great also for any other kind of heroic winning celebration. Available in: main version / dry (theme in evidence) / no lead melodies / 75sec / 30sec / Bumper / Stinger

Description: This is a music for casual fantasy game! It is perfect for indie developers of mobile, computer games! The track was written using tools symphony orchestra and epic drums! Melody is playful and simple to perceive!

Description: This cinematic trailer is brave and heroic, good for dramatic ending, energetic epic,moments of hope and inspiring, intro, military, motivation, patriotic, score. Intense cinematic music that can be heard and used in various type of movie and film production, trailers, media projects, marketing campaigns, beautiful time-lapse, life and travel videos and almost any motivational video production

Description: Cartoon comedy children orchestral music. This track is good for light background in video or app game.

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