Description: Film score orchestral cinematic soundtrack music cinematic themes epic heroic.

Description: Epic cinematic cinema war battle fight hollywood orchestral film scores dramatic movie trailer tension suspense action dynamic huge heroic courageous daring legends myths valiant action film tv computer game dark attack.

Description: Popular march by John Philip Sousa. Upbeat, lively, triumphant, and slightly comical.

Description: Bass drums and cymbals accompany a militaristic snare drum solo in this minimalist march.

Description: Symphonic Orchestra for sport winning celebrations, highlights, olympic competitions. The mood is glorious, epic, triumphal. Building structure with strong and vigorous brass theme, lush orchestration and enthralling percussions. Great also for any other kind of heroic winning celebration. Available in: main version / dry (theme in evidence) / no lead melodies / 75sec / 30sec / Bumper / Stinger

Description: piano, drum, string. Action, spirit, cinematic

Description: Instrumental music made for piano and orchestra. The music is leaded by piano, which starts quiet and determined. Then, the music gets energy with the sudden incorporation of the other orchestral instruments, like horns, oboe, strings and trombones. the percussions helps to increase the energy and power of the composition. The style is very near to classical music, with some Soundtrack genre influeces. The mood is sad and somber but determined, solemn and depicts a scene with some depressive and ominous feelings.

Description: Instrumental music made for orchestra and piano. The music is solemn with a steady rhythm, and the style is very near to classical soundtrack. The composition is leaded by a piano, playing the main notes and rhythm. Later, other instruments like violas, violins and general strings are added, giving energy and solemnity to the composition. The percussion and the snares gives more power at the end.