Description: Strong and powerful ceremonial music for inaugurations and introductions. Almost a bit old Russian style pompous symphony with melodic climaxes and bold ending.

Description: Strong deep powerful trumpet creates instant sense of dominance which is then backed by searing orchestral strings. The melody contains many dramatic highs and lows featuring a massive array of orchestral string instrumentation and marching drums. Very useful for dramatic film scene implying power, royal power or darkness.

Description: Epic cinematic cinema war battle fight hollywood orchestral film scores dramatic movie trailer tension suspense action dynamic huge heroic courageous daring legends myths valiant action film tv computer game dark attack.

Description: Delight motivational corporate contemporary documentary people future science presentation business bright positive easy optimistic success life confidence uplifting trust positivity bright prospects luxury high-end cars jewelry fashion style extraordinary modern spirit state of the art design architecture noble clever smart phone apple mobile powerbook iphone.

Description: This orchestral piece of music takes you on a 3:30min journey through space with an huge exploding finale. Close your eyes, reach out and feel the stardust!

Description: Optimistic, emotional, and hopeful. Take pride in your fellow countrymen.

Description: An introspective introduction with a heartwarming melody leads to warm brass sounds and lush strings creating a patriotic and noble mood.