Description: Epic dramatic orchestral intro with strings section, violin and powerful epic toms. Ideal for the scenes of battles. Suitable as a trailer for the movie or action game. If you need any customization of track please contact me via profile page.

Description: Orchestral string music that is serious and dramatic.

Description: Vibrant orchestral piece. Achievement, leadership, inspiration.

Description: Strong deep powerful trumpet creates instant sense of dominance which is then backed by searing orchestral strings. The melody contains many dramatic highs and lows featuring a massive array of orchestral string instrumentation and marching drums. Very useful for dramatic film scene implying power, royal power or darkness.

Description: history of one, old pirate before death

Description: In Epic is a cinematic track full of beauty and power. Featuring strings, piano, brass and percussion.

Description: Pulsating theme conveying the spirit of freedom and optimism.

Description: A slow and majestic orchestral version of ""The Star Spangled Banner"" creating a patriotic and heartwarming mood.

Description: A grand, epic and majestic orchestral track. Choir, brass and orchestral strings with battle drums give a glorifying, heroic feel.Duty an Honor, joyful.

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