Description: Background tension feel perfect for video game.

Description: Jingle after you win the game (action/rpg)

Description: A delicate piano accompanied by strings orchestra, perfect to start the day positive and serene

Description: Orchestral music with piano theme, light and delicate as a beautiful day

Description: The committee meetings are usually boring. It is quite different though if YOU are the one with the power, rendered as a loop.

Description: New Type of song: orchestral This will be usefull as a charateristic theme for your project if it is a spot video or something else the cool and soft sound of a Classical Orchestral Music, a romantic and sentimental song. Are used: strings, piano and contrabbass.

Description: A majestic and pompous fanfare march featuring the full orchestra. Great for commercials, videos and presentations that need music that conveys triumph, proudness and honor.

Description: An intensely romantic piece that features a full orchestra, piano, acoustic guitar and choir.

Description: Orchestral Track with female voice. Medieval / Fantasy Style

Description: Orchestral Track with a medieval / Fantasy Theme.