Description: Full orchestral symphonic style scoring. A dramatic heroic fanfare film theme with strong melodic content can be used as an underscore for HBO epic shows, Hollywood productions, stereophonic testing, media projects, melodramas, commercials, advertisements, old school hero action empire adventures.

Description: Cute sheep graze peacefully in a meadow.

Description: dance songs, varius istruments, fanny song

Description: Inspirational piano tune for your quality video project, Youtube video, film.

Description: A very melancholic piano introduction. The song grows with orchestral strings. The end of the song has a reference to the introduction. Ideal for dramatic movie scenes

Description: Sentimental piano refrain, with other instruments filling-in. Funeral/wake/memorial music.

Description: Instrumental, soundtrack. Сlassical, symphonic orchestra. Timpani.

Description: Instrumental, soundtrack. Neoclassical, symphonic orchestra. Crazy.

Description: Instrumental, soundtrack. Good for instrumental performance, as semple.