Description: Joyful. Duty an honor noble proud majestic marching optimistic patriotic regal sweeping triumphant brave confident emotional forceful glorious grand heroic honest inspiring joyful fanfare british invasion anthem civil war history march military royal events sports / olympics documentary.

Description: Epic strength powerful honor elves determined action intense anticipation builds heroic love cinematic mountains triumphant faith dramatic heroes battles war swords fantasy soldiers kings emotions hope good evil blockbuster victorious.

Description: It is an instrumental soundtrack to a fast paced action, movie or a game sequence. Symphony combine with electro beats, rhythm guitar and synths make this piece of a song a nice, juicy entertainment, just waiting to be used for FPS game or a Thriller Action movie.

Description: Beautiful melody to relax, good dream, I want to live


Description: Epic and bombastic Orchestral Rock with big guitars and strong strings. Sampled from The Ghost of Lochmarne

Description: Happy, fun playful and song featuring Clarinet, accompanied by Tuba and Accordion with some Xylophone. Funny adventures, tricky problems, adventurous games bright drama comedy style. Chilren, Clumsy kids, bloopers. Background music for all kinds of video games, tales, stories and cartoons. Variants: 2 Min / 2 Min Loop / 1 Min / 1 Min Loop / 3x 30 sec variants

Description: Hey ho, hey ho! Fun, jolly and adventurous snippet, great for video games as short intro track / quest complete / next level / try again / game over. Happy adventure, playful and optimistic. Brave Pirates on their quest for treasure, swinging a bottle of rum on the seven seas, or a couple of gnomes on their search for glory in the Magical Forest. Variants: Buccaneer's Song - 2 Min / 1 Min / 30s and loop. Snippets in 5-10 seconds, called Hey Ho.... Vocal snippets: We Drink for Treasure and Rum and Hum De Dum. Funny Hectic loops.

Description: Playful and lively litte snippet with light and bright flute, ending in a positive mood for level complete, quest finished, scenario success or level up. Could also be intro to next level. Variants: 2 Min (& loop) / 1 Min (& loop) / 30 sec(& 2xloops) / 9 sec and two 5 sec snippets.

Description: Bright, and tricky with accordion, tuba, happy whimsical flute and optimistic clarinet. Playful, fun and mischievous adventures ahead. Fun and lively adventures awaits. Positive and joyful mood while being a bit bouncy almost comical with trombone and tuba. Children stories or and silly and sweet pirate tales. Sunny and lively feeling. Variants: 2:04 / 1:01 Loop / 1:00 / 0:33 / 0:05