Description: Spiritual and hopeful, epic and emotional cinematic choir music. also with Strings Qurtet and orchestral toms. Grand, glorious, dramatic and longing religious filmscore. Great for military, historical, war, adventure and period action scenes in film, documentary and tv

Description: A full orchestra composition. Concerto for Piano. A very powerful tune with fat chords and serous mood.

Description: Orchestral loop, classical conception. Evocation of a dance in European Courts eighteenth-century. Noble atmosphere and light elegance, for particular projects.

Description: Uplifting and dramatic orchestral track.

Description: a Sad ending for perhaps the character didn't achieve something?

Description: Piano Violin, and spring mood, in this track

Description: Orchestral Marching Song by Toge Productions

Description: An epic nightmare full of flutes, horns, guitars, chimes, and scary synth voices. Run for the hills!

Description: journey into the vastness of space, or a magical forest

Description: music suitable for the fighters, for example the final battle or escape