Description: Go for Gold with this sporting fanfare theme that will enhance your video and website presentations! If your project needs an epic feeling of competitive sporting events, winning, losing, the excitement of the crowd, triumphant and majestic then this track will be a perfect fit.

Description: airy irish tune is taken through a series of orchestral variations.

Description: A right in your face approach with a more than hyper guitar attack.

Description: An understated orchestral ode to a chief-type.

Description: Prelude feeling theme with chamber orchestra heralding the coming of an importasnt person or event.

Description: gentle christmas tune on piano with light orchestration.

Description: Orchestral Song by Toge Productions Based on and quite inspired from a Biblical story, it sounds so much majestic but also warfare atmospheric. The song tells a story, from preparation into victorious ending.

Description: a lovely melodic pastoral and sweeping theme.

Description: warm, nostalgic cue for strings, harp, and oboe.