Description: Cheeky Mover is a mischievous, quirky track with pizzicato strings, lazy woodwinds, and a catchy, percussive, marimba melody. Ideal for a children’s show or funny TV montage, the playful song makes the perfect accompaniment to television scenes featuring naughty kids, silly behavior or spooky goings-on.

Description: an enchanting reflection on the changing seasons.

Description: An overstated orchestral ode to a chief-type.

Description: An encouraging call to attention driven by a string melody and timpani march.

Description: A wistful romp of a piece with a techno-y backbeat driving a pop orchestral melody.

Description: An orchestrally bouyant melody anchored by a driving rhythm section heralding in the day's triumphs.

Description: A heartening call to attention driven by pizzicato strings.

Description: An light marching pensive orchestral ode to a chief-type.

Description: The anthem that carries the flame to the pedestal.

Description: rhythmic, driving, epic yet good-humored music for full orchestra.