Description: piano, drum, string. Action, spirit, cinematic

Description: Dramatic Action Guitar.wav

Description: A slow epic crescendo with strings and percussions suited for closing scenes where the hero reaches his/her goal. The climax is reached after different layers of sound have joined the main rhythm. The clip can be also easily cut to be used in shorter scenes.

Description: Instrumental music made for piano and orchestra. The music is leaded by piano, which starts quiet and determined. Then, the music gets energy with the sudden incorporation of the other orchestral instruments, like horns, oboe, strings and trombones. the percussions helps to increase the energy and power of the composition. The style is very near to classical music, with some Soundtrack genre influeces. The mood is sad and somber but determined, solemn and depicts a scene with some depressive and ominous feelings.

Description: Air light elegant logo intro music piece. It will be the perfect opening to animated presentations. It passes cool mood and sophisticated style.

Description: Short noble brass intro music in brave respect mood. Strictly and concisely.

Description: Track contains choirs,arps strings,trombones and drums Good emotional type feel

Description: Advertising, presentation, corporate, film, cinematic orchestral

Description: Orchestral music with Cinematic tension , an explosion of emotions and music for the memory lost in time. Perfect for cinema, documentaries, short films, commercials, music videos and any other type of audiovisual format.