Description: sadness and melancholy feelings in a warm and romantic orchestral portrait.

Description: Epic track with strings, horns and percussions. Perfect for movie trailer and youtube video project.

Description: Both delicate & epic, romantic & uplifting, beautiful & inspiring, this piece starts with a gentle grand piano movement & builds with orchestral strings & manipulated organic tones, this gorgeous euphoric piece lifts you gently then flies you away to somewhere magical. Very commercial & very moving. Instrumental Dramatic Energizing Music.

Description: Hard Rock with Orchestral and Electronic Edge and BIG action hits. 2 Bass breakdown sections. Could work really well for a nightclub/drug heist scene. Think of a Linkin Park song as an instrumental.

Description: Positive and intense orchestral piece for string orchestra, Baroque-style, featuring a beautiful catchy melody. Perfect for corporate video, presentation and commercials!

Description: slow/ Powerful, Building, Triumphant Orchestra, Synths