Description: This is a sweet optimistic track. Think of your day starting, a GOOD day, kind, gentle, but looking for adventure. May remind you of "Love Actually" or "Bee Movie"

Description: Exceptional music artistry celebrating the phenomenal wonders and mystique of the legendary master filmmaker Federico Fellini. Enjoy a fantastic orchestral journey through a cinematic universe filled with bizarre dreams and distorted reality. Contains circus and animation elements in the tradition of Disney.

Description: Epic, cinematic, orchestral score with strings, brass, choir, piano, and Eastern / African percussion. Great for expressing strength or victory.

Description: slow/ Powerful, Building, Triumphant Orchestra, Synths

Description: Soft emotional piano rising to epic heights! Features horn section, strings, piano, and marching band drums.

Description: Imagine a boisterous fairy or elf dancing around. An orchestral piece with harp, flute, strings, pizzicato and expressive horns. Although it is a waltz dance, there are some dramatic sections...

Description: A delightfully swaying cuethat captures the innocence of love and romance of spring and summer. A perfect match for commercials, movies, video games, or tv.

Description: Fun, positive music. Can be used in video or for background music. Music utilizes a symphony orchestra.

Description: a lovely melodic pastoral and sweeping theme.