Description: The next story of the power of war, confrontation between good and evil, spectacular battle has no end, but the last battle of blood and steel...

Description: "Travelling Song" by Michail Glinka played by a small firefighters orchestra at the big railway station.

Description: A modern orchestral track with romantic and bright melody, mellow strings and piano, a soft rythm. It's very kind and positive, as if sun begins shining all over and dreams are coming true, peace is everyywhere, a happy morning with a beloved one. Good for melodrama and any backgrounds to positive video tracks.

Description: A modern orchstral composition with weird and tricky melody. It has a very contrasting mood, turning from quiet magic playing to very loud triumphal sounds, as if troops of a king march to a magic serene realm.

Description: A modern orchestral composition of slow tempo, with romantic and tender melody, with piano, clarinet, pizzicato, soft strings. As if it says us that life is beautiful and full of love and we may be always happy just because of that at any time in any place.

Description: A fun, light-hearted orchestral piece, in mid-tempo 3/4 time, featuring lots of pizzicato strings, lush chord structures, and orchestral bells.

Description: Orchestral track, fast-paced, denoting light-hearted suspense, and possibly mischief. Good scoring for a chase, or a rushed effort against a close deadline.

Description: A pure evil is expressed there! Orchestral horror, where each instrument makes a contribution to the whole musical mysterious terror! Background choir makes the melody even more fatal. Darkness is falling, engulfing all the land, cruel demons fly to gorge on their victims, witches whispering their dark spells, what a fearsome sight! Such a dread plague is never thought to happen!

Description: A bright and tender orchestral composition with kind and positive mood. It reminds the pleasant times of childhood, when parents were young and loving their child.

Description: An orchestral track with kind and bright mood. It expresses something beautiful and happy, full of light and joy.