Description: Epic, movie trailer, light rock, dramatic , Orchestral, symphonic, fantasy, ambient

Description: Downtempo music, performed on orchestra and synths. Background music.

Description: dramatic, intense, melancholy, sad, nostalgic, serious, strings

Description: SoUnD WaVeS genre of music is Electronic Orchestral (Sounds like Moby, Hans Zimmer). It’s produced for uses in: TV, Movie Trailers, Theme Parks, Video Games, Ad’s (Target, Toyota) and movies (Indiana Jones, The Matrix, Mission Impossible, The Fast & The Furious). His Music creates a thrill, builds suspense, and creates excitement for the audience.

Description: This track is designed for scoring video games in the style of "fantasy" and is perfect for movies about knights of the Middle Ages, where there is everything .. from defeat to victory. Light and darkness, blood and tears, joy and admiration ..

Description: A complex track that sounds like a flight over the Alps.