Description: Classical, Classical-Pop, Classical-Idiom, Classical-Romantic, Drama, Drama-Human Emotions, Ballad, Expressive, Charming, Breathy, Beautiful, Alluring, Light, Mellow, Peaceful, Pleasant, Quaint, Relaxed, Sentimental, Smooth, Soft, Flowing, Fresh, Gentle, Tender, Warm, in a Heartwarming, Emotional, Reflective mood, featuring Orchestra, Piano, Clarinet, Strings, with a Slow tempo

Description: A dramatic version of ""America the Beautiful"" with a reflective accordion and flute solo at 0:43 leading to a majestic and grand mood at 1:31.

Description: Orchestral electronics with driving piano, :30 second version

Description: Fun, adventurous, jaunty, track. Think "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"

Description: extra mellow piano based track with haunting pads.

Description: dragnet build in 30 seconds.

Description: High intensity suspense thriller score. The Escape starts quietly with brass and viola and quickly escalates to a dramatic climax.

Description: Crisp Snare Drum March Rhythm with Flourishes