Description: action, adventure, military and marching feel, modern army mercenaries, soaring string lines, military snare, aggressive guitars and shots, chiff flutes

Description: Pompous and patriotic track with a triumphant and marching feeling. Final victory after epic battle. Quest successful. Forceful, cinematic, powerful and heroic mood in big adventure. Brave and bold, building with increased force and grand glory towards the end. Heroes in triumph on the battlefield. Return of the king. Army returning from war.

Description: A short ceremonial piece of fanfare music which is perfect for award ceremony, for an introduction, entrance or beginning to any kind of musical piece or drama.

Description: Comedy, Children, Chamber Music, Comedy-Cartoon, Light, Airy, Rambling, Bold, Carefree, Sparse, Soft, Relaxed, Quirky, Pleasant, Mellow, Flowing, Gentle, Intrigue, Introspective, Warm, Traveling, Humor, in a Happy, Reflective mood, featuring Orchestra, Bassoon, Bass, Woodwinds, Strings, with a Slow, Very Slow tempo

Description: Sort of a track you could imagine Sylvester the cat sneaking around to.. Comedic and sneaky

Description: Mysterious detective music la Cosa Nostra sicilian mafia style. A breathtaking detective story!

Description: Creation is a cinematic orchestral track. Mood: slowly building up in crescendo from dreamy/romantic/contemplative/mystical into powerful/glorious/epic/heroic. Instrumentation: piano, joined by orchestra, followed by percussion and choir. Electric guitar power chords at the very end. After climax there is a gentle slowing down piano ending. Suggested use: inspirational/motivational, action/adventure, science documentaries, dramatic scenes, success stories, sports, competition, heroic advertising and commercials. Generally, whenever a lush, epic climax is required.