Description: Cinematic orchestral trailer track for your media projects, films, sport, television broadcasting, commercial, games, websites.

Description: dramatic, upbeat energy, orchestral with cello melody, very rhythmic and fast moving, lots of counter melodic instruments

Description: drama, quirky, comedic, animation, light humour, piano and pizzicato with light percussion

Description: Somber memorial, trumpet solo, authentic field drum

Description: Inspiring intro leads to full orchestral rock. A track that conveys a sense of achievement, celebration and success. Perfect for corporate usage / presentations

Description: Epic strength powerful honor elves determined action intense anticipation builds heroic love cinematic mountains triumphant faith dramatic heroes battles war swords fantasy soldiers kings emotions hope good evil blockbuster victorious.

Description: baroque, dance, castle, medieval, queen, king, glockenspiel, bright, trumpet, slow tempo, Renaissance, Minuet, Gavotte, Pavane, funny, dreamy, harpsichord, happy, light, violin, orchestra, 18th century, Princess, fun, melancholic, playful, optimistic, joyful, hopeful, sentimental, positive, flutes, flute, oboe, cello, strings, bassoon, pre 15th century, 16th century, 17th century

Description: A powerful rendition of this classic Civil War era song, complete with marching snare drum, flutes and brass.

Description: In this musical theme combines a powerful orchestral sound and big beat. Music creates a sense of solemnity, happiness, freedom!

Description: A quirky orchestration that is uplifting and offbeat with a romantic underpinning that soothes and inspires the listener. This score is a perfect match for TV advertisements, movies, cartoons, video games, and similar media that requires an inspirational underscore.