Description: A cute orchestral track with bassoon, glockenspiel, clarinet, flute and strings creating a magical and natural soundscape perfect for fantasy involving children or animals. This variation's instrumentation is stripped back but at a quicker pace compared to variation 1. C Major, 80 bpm.

Description: A beautiful minimalistic orchestral track with a glockenspiel melody and piccolo flute counter-melody, played above a layering of strings, woodwind and harp. The track creates a calm, sweet, and magical mood and imagery of sleeping kids or cute animals . 60 bpm, C Major.

Description: A playfully mischievous track that uses a small orchestral ensemble and it's instruments to play simplistic motifs that create an image of playing kids or cute animals and their playful curiosity. 75 bpm, C Major.

Description: A track that uses a small recorded ensemble of harp, bass clarinet, french horn, cello and violin, to combine suspense, romance and a sense of playfulness in creating a story of the fatality of mating in nature. 112 bpm, C minor.

Description: Symphonic and serene audio logo with violin ensemble, pizzicato strings and harp. It can be used as opening theme, intro or audio ident for companies, videos, radio shows, podcasts, cinematic productions or any other projects that require a beautiful and calm symphonic logo.

Description: This epic hybrid track features soaring orchestral sounds and and deep electronic percussion. Perfect for use in product videos, promotional material, presentations, broadcast, movies, vlogs, games, events and more.

Description: Epic adventures, use in the design of your projects, for movies, games, television, trailers, clips, videos and a variety of scenes.

Description: Epic Cinematic orchestral track with piano, cinematic drums.

Description: Fun and light-hearted song sure to ignite a romantic spark!

Description: Aggressive classic-epic music with choir of men and women