Description: sadness and melancholy feelings in a warm and romantic orchestral portrait.

Description: Orchestral dramatic score full of action

Description: up-tempo, 1950s game-show style piece, you can almost hear don pardo shouting ..a new car!!.

Description: Happy orchestral score ideal for weeding or other events

Description: romance in the old world, melancholy and sweet.

Description: This is a cinematic logo sequence featuring soundscapes and sound effects on top of a strings driven riff with some brass elements to deliver a scary and dangerous sound for any scene audiobook transition or video.

Description: Together motivational positive acoustic guitar coldplay violin summer holidays sun sunshine love couple theme one direction florida pharell industrial inspirational motivational joyful lively playful powerful happy funny funky fun uplifting travel advertising auto business career christmas clean commercial corporate development ecommerce energy financial holidays hope innovative marketing memorable motivational positive promote real estate release selling software strategy technology telecommunications together medium tempo.