Description: This powerful dramatic fanfare will help to create an incredible and exciting atmosphere at start of any your project!

Description: Inspiring, sweeping heroic theme played horns starts out over light military style drums. The music then builds to a big finale. Reminiscent of heroic war movies and TV shows like Band of Brothers and Glory, or inspirational sports films like Rudy.

Description: Expanse and soaring through outer space best describes the soundworlds here. Deep, penetrating and hypnotic pads swirl with frosty cold layers and strings, all meeting with a slow, glitch y pulse. Would work well with sci-fi, science, mysteries, documentaries, underwater/oceanic and space/stars/planetary celestial scenes.

Description: A mid-tempo, drum and fife soundtrack with slide guitar, piano, bass and drums fused together in a noble military style arrangement. This dignified, short segue cue is perfect for historical dramas, documentaries, war movies and scenes depicting marching, honor and valor, glory, patriotism and more.

Description: Flying high over mountains with lush greenery, on to the shores of a beautiful blue ocean. All of the world coming together. This track gives a feeling of beauty, peace romance and harmony. Features Piano, String Orchestra, and English Horn. Ideal track for travel film.

Description: Peaceful, warm orchestra and choir with a fresh, rising feeling, fulfilling and dreamy, one of a suite of six pieces,scottish music,celtic orchestra,

Description: Hero, heroes, army, military, halo, call, of, duty, world, of, warcraft, navy, valor, valiant,viking, warrior, soldier, victorious, heroic, epic, honor, honorable, gaming, magical, adventure, thriller,danny, elfman, tim, burton, trailer, score, film, intense, cinematic, battle, war, chase, magic, magical,epic, exciting, action, filmscore, soundtrack, sound, track, dramatic, energetic

Description: Filmscore,Cinematic. Serious, Dramatic, Hopeful. Strings, Orchestral Percussion, Symphony Orchestra. Drama, Martial,Military. Duty an Honor,