Description: Epic, orchestral, symphonic, romantic, ambient, dramatic, easylistening, relax, medetative, sentimental, light rock

Description: A melodramatic composition that sounds like a music funeral for someone who did something like saving people and died .Sounds like a funeral of a hero

Description: Dramatic music picture. Lots of participants on the battlefield and everyone of them with his own music melody pattern. Regular soldier troops are pedestrian part of the battle in string sections and brass section represents the bravest and the strongest one. Also can represent collisions in space.

Description: Gradually building strings into mystery, tense frozen piano sounds.

Description: Aggressive strings, heroic horns and a cinematic choir driven by powerful drums and tense percussion. Constantly building to a monstrous crescendo, Epic Orchestral Destruction is an energetic orchestral theme that portrays a deadly kingdom of darkness and danger. Ideal for big cinematic film trailers or epic games of war, fantasy, conflict and survival.

Description: An epic and big orchestral cinematic trailer, with strings, brass and cinematic drums - the best choice for big and successful projects Key: C minor Tempo: 120 bpm

Description: Everything is covered with snow. Snow sun glare and shadows. Strong frost. Click the trees. Wonderful tale.

Description: Cinematic song ala Danny Elfman with a christmas touch. This Cue features a full orchestra playing phrases in a rhythmic pattern that can be used in a cartoon but also in a comic or bizarre situation in a movie.

Description: Cheerful and uplifting march with energetic intro and main theme, a bravura basses' solo and elegant trio!