Description: a good opening title music for a drama serial (e.g. brothers and sisters).

Description: Massive orchestra, choir, drums and electric guitars. Perfect for sports or action scenes.

Description: Epic track with lots of medieval instruments. Perfect choice for cinematic applications in movies or games.

Description: elegant and romantic little waltz capturing the gentility of old.

Description: Lush strings gives this powerful instrumental a "star wars" quality to it in it's epic granduer.

Description: Powerful Piano and Orchestral instruments. With intro piano and strings following by drum set, the song works well in successful, winning, victory theme of corporate, video presentation and business advertisement. As well as in romantic scenes, the song gradually increase positive happy emotion. Instrumental, Corporate, Corporate Orchestral

Description: Uplifting and motivational pop rock track with orchestral elements expressing a lot of positivity and strong confidence. Association and the pictures that emerge from this sound: work and finance, career and purpose, hard way to riches, satisfaction of the winner, personal growth,

Description: Good music to historical, political, corporate, religious, sci-Fi, high-tech and military Thriller. Beautiful orchestral rock music for trailer, commercial, movie, film, presentation, slideshow, social projects, corporate videos. Drums, bass guitar and electric guitar play along with a Symphony orchestra in a rock style. The main role is played by the orchestra, solo strings, brass and wooden tools. Rock band creates a certain flavor, and the drums play quite a large role. Beautiful brass gives the music a certain epic, but very neat, without fanaticism.