Description: A delightfully swaying cuethat captures the innocence of love and romance of spring and summer. A perfect match for commercials, movies, video games, or tv.

Description: romantic and sad cinematic piece, emphasizing both sweetness and longing.

Description: Piece for String Orchestra.

Description: A very well written epic and dramtic action piece that is supposed to hold up as a lead up to a war in more mature cartoon style film. Also works with japanese style cartoons, and drama youth in general. Should also work very well for drama mature audiences. By Film Composer Jeremy Khawaja.

Description: Medium tempo open prairie feel utilizing orchestra and highlighting woodwinds.

Description: A short composition consisting of playing lively harp and cello pizzicato, soft alto flute, zither and female choir.

Description: Epic cinematic cinema war battle fight hollywood orchestral film scores dramatic movie trailer tension suspense action dynamic huge heroic courageous daring legends myths valiant action film tv computer game dark attack.

Description: Epic track with lots of medieval instruments. Perfect choice for cinematic applications in movies or games.

Description: A powerful and patriotic version of this classic Military March with msrching snares, trumpets, flute and glock.