Description: gentle christmas tune on piano with light orchestration.

Description: Orchestral Song by Toge Productions Based on and quite inspired from a Biblical story, it sounds so much majestic but also warfare atmospheric. The song tells a story, from preparation into victorious ending.

Description: Epic cinematic cinema war battle fight hollywood orchestral film scores dramatic movie trailer tension suspense action dynamic huge heroic courageous daring legends myths valiant action film tv computer game dark attack.

Description: Beautiful modern orchestal strings create a majestic feeling of epic proportions. Modern orchestrial percussion provides the drama and an overall impact of grandness is instant. Great of ads, films, tv, documentaries, websites, games, an overall performer, please check out my other versions contained with diff durations.

Description: a lovely melodic pastoral and sweeping theme.

Description: Downtempo music, performed on orchestra and synths. Background music.

Description: warm, expansive orchestration with piano, flute and strings.

Description: Imagine a boisterous fairy or elf dancing around. An orchestral piece with harp, flute, strings, pizzicato and expressive horns. Although it is a waltz dance, there are some dramatic sections...

Description: Med Fast Whimsical, Fanciful, Wonder, Bright Strings, Flutes, Piano, Bells Trailer Theme