Description: Strings-percussion dominated promo music with edit points. Sounds like a robbery, burglary, or heist. Key change at 0:47, changes back at 1:11.

Description: This is an exciting and huge orchestra feel, shades of John Williams, with violins, chellos, tympani, french horns pulling out all the stops. 102 bpm (approximately).

Description: A light orchestral intro for a sci fi adventurous mood

Description: Sophisticated, classy, driving beat, plucked strings, violins, viola, bass, percussion, clean ending

Description: energetic, anthemic, inspiring, uplifting orchestral track with strings and rousing horns. wild west, cowboys, western.

Description: Med. Slow Warm, Nice, Emotional Synths, Strings

Description: A poppy orchestral wistful romp with a steady backbeat and a happy melody.

Description: emotional and slowly rising strings to a sense of finality.