Description: Drama, Drama-Human Emotions, Classical, Classical-Romantic, Classical-Impressionism (1880 1920), Alluring, Angelic, Atmospheric, Beautiful, Ballad, Big, Bold, Bright, Brilliant, Building, Celestial, Charming, Confident, Determined, Dramatic, Dreamy, Dynamic, Expressive, Feel Good, Spiritual, Sonorous, Sentimental, Romantic, Positive, Pleasant, Panoramic, Passionate, in a Romantic, Reflective, Confident mood, featuring Orchestra, Brass, Strings, Woodwinds, Percussion, Piano, Acoustic, with a Slow, Very Slow tempo

Description: Med.Slow Stately, Tender, Nice Orchestra, Piano

Description: Orchestral instrumental with building percussion instrumentation. Gives a sense of the hero having opposition and then overcoming it to claim victory.

Description: Strings-percussion dominated promo music with edit points. Sounds like a robbery, burglary, or heist. Key change at 0:47, changes back at 1:11.

Description: This is an exciting and huge orchestra feel, shades of John Williams, with violins, chellos, tympani, french horns pulling out all the stops. 102 bpm (approximately).

Description: A light orchestral intro for a sci fi adventurous mood

Description: Sophisticated, classy, driving beat, plucked strings, violins, viola, bass, percussion, clean ending