Description: Funny swinging orchestral background with harpsichord and brushes drums.

Description: Exceptional music artistry celebrating the phenomenal wonders and mystique of the legendary master filmmaker Federico Fellini. Enjoy a fantastic orchestral journey through a cinematic universe filled with bizarre dreams and distorted reality. Contains circus and animation elements in the tradition of Disney.

Description: Gentle and positive track with harp, double bass, cellos, violas and catchy melody on piano. Enloy!

Description: Cheeky Mover is a mischievous, quirky track with pizzicato strings, lazy woodwinds, and a catchy, percussive, marimba melody. Ideal for a children’s show or funny TV montage, the playful song makes the perfect accompaniment to television scenes featuring naughty kids, silly behavior or spooky goings-on.

Description: A kind and positive track with violins, bassoon, timpani. It portrays something joyful, careless and funny, as if children play with pets in a garden.

Description: An orchestral symphonic composition with mysterious and enigmatic mood. It portrays a portal to fabulous realms and moment of revealing of magic secrets, preparing to visit a land of dreams somewhere in other planet or even other world.

Description: A symphonic composition of typical classical style. There are string instruments (from violin to basses), woodwinds (clarinet, bass clarinet, oboe, bassoon) and harp. The mood is expressive and excited, anxious and restless. The composition portrays a decisive moment, when one has to make fateful decision and it's not much time to think.

Description: A symphonic orchestral composition. It's kind and positive, as if new year begins and children wait for their presents. It's a day when all childish dreams come true.

Description: A bright and tender orchestral composition with kind and positive mood. It reminds the pleasant times of childhood, when parents were young and loving their child.

Description: A symphonic track with some synths, containing melodies of arabian style. A mood of the composition is serious and confident, something triumphal and majestic.