Description: Epic, cinematic orchestral track.

Description: A calming piano solo track with uplifting but gentle movements.

Description: Romantic, dreamy and intense orchestral piece with strings, harp, flute, bells, featuring a beautiful catchy melody on piano. Perfect as film score.

Description: Strings to fit a funeral or a scene where graveness and seriousness is needed.

Description: orchestrated song with a vintage vibe

Description: an epic journey through a fantasy land of adventure. brought to you by an orchestra and some catchy melodies.

Description: An Epic/Orch type cue great for any media.

Description: An Orchestral/Epic Cue great for any media.

Description: Breton folk music about the sea mariners and love. Record with electronic orchestra and drums, style – orchestral rock. Let you feel romantic sense, sea adventure, unrequited love.

Description: An orchestral, action track with a little military atmosphere. Perfect for tense, action scenes.