Description: Full Symphony orchestra. Do you need logo for you movie company big like Warner 20th century Dreamworks, now you have it. Absolutely beautiful and big you cannot tell the difference between real orchestra and this orchestra simulation. Appropriate for, Film Logos, Film Corporations, Film Companies, Instrumental, Corporate Music, Corporate Orchestral Music

Description: A fun and bouncy children’s loop great for any media for the young ones. Instruments used include, pizzicato cellos and bass, music box style bells and steinway piano.

Description: "Romantic Film Orchestra Piano" is a very dynamic cinematic track which fits perfectly to an intense/romantic/sensitive movie scene.

Description: Very beautiful track featuring a catchy melody on accordion, bells and gentle strings.

Description: Epic track with full orchestra, acoustic and electric guitar. interesting mix.

Description: Very beautiful and positive orchestral track with intense piano, magic bells, violin staccato, flute, french horn, bassoon, clarinet and wagner tube.

Description: Beautiful and optimistic track with gentle solo on viola.

Description: Curious and humorous childlike orchestral work

Description: Contemplative, tranquil composition with harp, strings, and piano.

Description: A classical pearl of soothing harmony and tranquilizing melody. This piece slowly builds up into a full orchestra and choir composition with a pastoral and regal rainbow of feelings. Can be used for film themes and documentaries.