Description: Downtempo music, performed on orchestra and synths. Background music.

Description: uplifting orchestral underscore.

Description: dramatic, sweeping orchestral piece with strings and horns and timpani.

Description: music suitable for the fighters, for example the final battle or escape

Description: warm, expansive orchestration with piano, flute and strings.

Description: Light theme in the Baroque style, performed two solo instruments: harpsichord and flute. Сan be used as a background for media projects.

Description: up-tempo, 1950s game-show style piece, you can almost hear don pardo shouting ..a new car!!.

Description: Imagine a boisterous fairy or elf dancing around. An orchestral piece with harp, flute, strings, pizzicato and expressive horns. Although it is a waltz dance, there are some dramatic sections...