Description: Orchestral Logo is a short but effective cue to use in an intro or outro. The song features a full orchestra playing a very powerful melody. The track can be used in projects like a logo presentation introducing the name of something. Thank you for your time, we hope you like it. Moods of the song: Orchestral, intense, powerful, intro/outro, riser, triumphant, etc.

Description: Orchestral uplifting trailer with tubular bells

Description: Short pompous orchester trailer with horns and strings for awards, advertising, movies, sports, presentations...

Description: Piano is a delicate, warm and romantic composition for piano and string. Gorgeous Grand Piano is augmented by percussive and musical orchestral instruments and elements, gently building to a wonderfully uplifting crescendo before finishing once more with just the acoustic solo piano.

Description: This is positive quiet romantic orchestral track with violins playing pizzicato and marcato. It is written in commercial timing standard and perfect for TV advertising, radio production, presentations and more. Available variants: 30 sec edit, 20 sec edit, 15 sec edit. Also this track available with melody playing by piano.

Description: Hybrid intro - Great powerful intro for your video game, film, television, radio, startups, business, advertising.

Description: This track is perfect for dramatic films, advertising, commercials, documentaries, for YouTube videos, slideshows photos, for sad projects, podcasts and more.

Description: Solemn orchestral logo is usefull in corporate or advertising

Description: Bright and rhythmic orchestral excerpt for the intros and transitions, screensavers with a festive mood. E flat Maj; 4/4; t – 115; l -0 : 13.

Description: Interesting, fun sound for the game, which expresses the victory, success, a new level. Here we use the instruments orchestra: violins, violas, cellos, double basses, French horn, xylophone, flute, percussion instruments.