Description: Perky flute and chimes play a quirky friendly melody suggesting a happy and joyful scene, which is overlaid with orchestral and symphonic strings providing a warm friendly atmosphere suggesting fun times, children playing, small animals or cartoon animation melody.

Description: Beautiful flowing strings play a soft orchestral melody which gradually builds as gentle harp combines. Trumpets are introduced near the end to add a slight dramatic finish. Ideal track for film love scene.

Description: Dramatic orchestral strings and threatening organ creates an instant sense of battle or danger with many clashing and smashing elements with drums rolls and cymbals. Very useful for creating final battle or last stand style scenes.

Description: Strong deep powerful trumpet creates instant sense of dominance which is then backed by searing orchestral strings. The melody contains many dramatic highs and lows featuring a massive array of orchestral string instrumentation and marching drums. Very useful for dramatic film scene implying power, royal power or darkness.

Description: A quick and quirky array of orchestral strings combining joyful instrumental sounds of bells, chimes, xylophone and drums creates an ideal melody for Happy, Joyful or Christmas themed projects. Very upbeat and has magical exciting flurry's throughout - Also very ideal for advertising or animation purposes.