Description: A quirky orchestration that is uplifting and offbeat with a romantic underpinning that soothes and inspires the listener. This score is a perfect match for TV advertisements, movies, cartoons, video games, and similar media that requires an inspirational underscore.

Description: Moving, suspense animated, lively guitar, playful strip bells

Description: Peaceful, warm orchestra and choir with a fresh, rising feeling, fulfilling and dreamy, one of a suite of six pieces,scottish music,celtic orchestra,

Description: A fun and bouncy children’s loop great for any media for the young ones. Instruments used include, pizzicato cellos and bass, music box style bells and steinway piano.

Description: Funny swinging orchestral background with harpsichord and brushes drums.

Description: Exceptional music artistry celebrating the phenomenal wonders and mystique of the legendary master filmmaker Federico Fellini. Enjoy a fantastic orchestral journey through a cinematic universe filled with bizarre dreams and distorted reality. Contains circus and animation elements in the tradition of Disney.

Description: Cheeky Mover is a mischievous, quirky track with pizzicato strings, lazy woodwinds, and a catchy, percussive, marimba melody. Ideal for a children’s show or funny TV montage, the playful song makes the perfect accompaniment to television scenes featuring naughty kids, silly behavior or spooky goings-on.

Description: "Travelling Song" by Michail Glinka played by a small firefighters orchestra at the big railway station.

Description: Bells, Kind, Happy, children, dreamy, nice, flowing, gentle

Description: Light, Easy, Warm, Cocktail Lounge

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