Description: Bright, and tricky with accordion, tuba, happy whimsical flute and optimistic clarinet. Playful, fun and mischievous adventures ahead. Fun and lively adventures awaits. Positive and joyful mood while being a bit bouncy almost comical with trombone and tuba. Children stories or and silly and sweet pirate tales. Sunny and lively feeling. Variants: 2:04 / 1:01 Loop / 1:00 / 0:33 / 0:05

Description: Fun playful and whimsical little song with tuba, bassoon, clarinet, flute, string section and percussion. Funny adventures. Tricky Pirates. Platform video games. Chilren, Drama, Comedy. Clumsy kids, Playful adventurous fun! Background music for all kinds of video games, tales, stories and cartoons. Variants: 2 Min / 2 Min Loop / 1 Min / 1 Min Loop / 32 sec / 32 sec Loop. Snippet variants: 3 sec / 6 sec (called 'Jolly Snippet').

Description: A fun and bouncy children’s loop great for any media for the young ones. Instruments used include, pizzicato cellos and bass, music box style bells and steinway piano.

Description: Cheeky Mover is a mischievous, quirky track with pizzicato strings, lazy woodwinds, and a catchy, percussive, marimba melody. Ideal for a children’s show or funny TV montage, the playful song makes the perfect accompaniment to television scenes featuring naughty kids, silly behavior or spooky goings-on.