Description: Bells, Kind, Happy, children, dreamy, nice, flowing, gentle

Description: Light, Easy, Warm, Cocktail Lounge

Description: A quirky orchestration that is uplifting and offbeat with a romantic underpinning that soothes and inspires the listener. This score is a perfect match for TV advertisements, movies, cartoons, video games, and similar media that requires an inspirational underscore.

Description: Moving, suspense animated, lively guitar, playful strip bells

Description: A symphonic orchestral composition. It's very kind, positive and funny. It's like children playing funny games or some funny creatures from fairytales dancing in the forest.

Description: A lively and lovely track with bell sounds and strings. As if fairytale characters celebrate something like christmas and dance in the sunny forest. Joy and enterntainment is everywhere, friends are gathered to have a fun. A very positive and vivid melody. Prescripted for children.

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