Description: Majestic and festive classical music. A regal string quartet in a celebratory and optimistic cue. Heroic and uplifting for special occasions, award winning, celebrations, royal entrance, weddings and anniversary. Melodic, hopeful professional underscore for drama, history, documentary, love and romantic scenes in Film and TV.

Description: Chasing and Victory orchestral track. Glorious strings and epic drums in an adventurous and rhythmical score. for action and chase and video games, triumphant scenes, trailers and commercials. Upbeat, uptempo and energetic

Description: Grand and uplifting orchestral music. A glorious classical composition with symphonic strings and clarinet melody. Epic, emotive and festive symphony that brings a celebratory and hopeful feel. For TV, fashion, celebration, weddings and other special occassions.

Description: Glorious orchestral music. For Regal Victorious Moments, Bravery and heroic mood in battle and war, medal of honour, patriotism. Epic music with Majestic symphonic strings and horns, evokes dramatic scenes of greatness, triumph and inspiration.

Description: Determined and hopeful, glorious symphonic music with string quartet. Dramatic, sweeping and stimulating. Uptempo and meaningful soundtrack for war, battles, victory and historical scene in action and period films, medieval documentary, kingdom and knights adventures.