Description: Classical, Jazz, Classical-Pop, Airy, Beautiful, Ballad, Breathy, Charming, Delicate, Dreamy, Expressive, Floating, Flowing, Fresh, Gentle, Tender, Spiritual, Sentimental, Romantic, Relaxed, Leisure, Light, Mellow, Pastoral, Peaceful, Pleasant, Pulsing, Introspective, Warm, in a Heartwarming mood, featuring Orchestra, Piano, Celeste, Strings, Flute, Sax, Drums, Bass, with a Slow, Very Slow tempo

Description: Logo Music with an epic strong orchestral sound

Description: Downtempo music, performed on orchestra and synths. Background music.

Description: Classical, Classical-Pop, Classical-Idiom, Classical-Romantic, Drama, Drama-Human Emotions, Ballad, Expressive, Charming, Breathy, Beautiful, Alluring, Light, Mellow, Peaceful, Pleasant, Quaint, Relaxed, Sentimental, Smooth, Soft, Flowing, Fresh, Gentle, Tender, Warm, in a Heartwarming, Emotional, Reflective mood, featuring Orchestra, Piano, Clarinet, Strings, with a Slow tempo

Description: Drama, Drama-Human Emotions, Classical, Classical-Pop, Classical-Idiom, Classical-Romantic, Magical, Light, Alluring, Atmospheric, Bouncy, Breathy, Bright, Capricious, Charming, Pleasant, Peaceful, Delicate, Pulsing, Quaint, Dramatic, Dreamy, Driving, Bold, Reflective, Relaxed, Sentimental, Soft, Expressive, Feel Good, Floating, Flowing, Fresh, Gentle, Tender, Warm, in a Emotional, Reflective mood, featuring Orchestra, Strings, Piano, Clarinet, Woodwinds, with a Slow tempo

Description: filmic, expansive, thematic and epic piece with strings, harp and wind instruments, evoking open space, perhaps deserts.

Description: Orchestral electronics with driving piano, :30 second version

Description: lush strings and horns for a reveal

Description: Drama, Disco, Classical, Classical-Pop, Rock-Pop, Driving, Dynamic, Active, Bold, Bouncy, Brilliant, Confident, Determined, Dreamy, Mysterious, Percussive, Pulsing, Punchy, Quirky, Funky, Groovy, Intrigue, Struttin, Strong, Traveling, Urban, Warm, Smooth, Expressive, in a Mysterious, Confident mood, featuring Orchestra, Brass, Strings, Woodwinds, Bass, Drums, Percussion, Piano, with a Mid tempo

Description: Drama, Classical, Classical-Impressionism (1880 1920), Classical-Romantic, Drama-Horror, Drama-Suspense, Drama-Sci Fi, Dark, Alienating, Majestic, Mysterious, Ominous, Sentimental, Intrigue, Intense, Horror, Expressive, Edgy, Eerie, Dramatic, Tension, Suspense, in a Mysterious, Scary mood, featuring Orchestra, Strings, Percussion, Brass, Woodwinds, Piano, Acoustic, with a Slow, Varied tempo