Description: gentle choral ensemble with instrumentation.

Description: stirring choral ensemble with instrumentation.

Description: orchestral piano and lyrical voice many edits.

Description: opera vocal look for feelings 1.

Description: Men And Women in a Very Soft Jazzy Harmony and Melody, Light and Simple

Description: A very emotional Opera trackwith soaring soprano vocals supported by a beautiful orchestra.

Description: Mysterious dreaming music from the ancient past. Ethereal female voice over a soft dreamy synth pad.

Description: Old recording of a german classical song. Piano and tenor vocals.

Description: Slow, ethereal, beautiful and haunting theme featuring solo female soprano vocals, harp and strings. Exudes high class and quality. Great for advertising and even Celtic music. 60sec main mix, 60sec lite mix, 30sec and 13sec versions

Description: Children's Choir, piano and synths combine together to create a heavenly fantasy atmosphere that gradually rises as if someone was walking towards a light.