Description: Mysterious male drone sound.

Description: An a cappella arrangement of "Amazing Grace" performed by Kaliyo

Description: Slow, ethereal, beautiful and haunting theme featuring solo female soprano vocals, harp and strings. Exudes high class and quality. Great for advertising and even Celtic music. 60sec main mix, 60sec lite mix, 30sec and 13sec versions

Description: A cheerful dancing song with accordion, drums and female vocals.

Description: Gentle soft vocals featuring Marie-Clare Scott combine with gentle ambient synths and instrumental background effects to create a dreamy soundscape suggesting a fictional setting in paradise, very useful for presentation and advertising to create angelic atmospheres.

Description: A happy, uplifting song with string orchestra, drums and female vocals.

Description: Children's Choir, piano and synths combine together to create a heavenly fantasy atmosphere that gradually rises as if someone was walking towards a light.

Description: This romance is written for a performance about events of the Second World War and dedicated to all gone away… A lonely female voice and piano…

Description: Plaintive piano chords with orchestral backing. Highly emotionally charged with delicate flute motif.

Description: Unusual but catchy vocal accapella track. Begins with vocal percussion and builds to soulful black vocal group. 30 sec commercial